Arrow NockIt has been often seen in postcards and pictorials. The landscape of Arrow Nock of Great Wall is much better than the Simatai, the imposing of the mountain is grand and sheer. It has always been an attraction for photography lovers. The Arrow Nock of Great Wall is located in Huairou County of Beijing, and ten kilometers to the west of the Mutianyu Great Wall. The sinister terrain is one of the most famous among the walls in the best architectural wonder on out planet. This "W" shaped wall is winding and the overall look is like an arrow is on the fully bent bow, with the collapsed ridge opening as its arrow nock, so it got its name.

If walking from Mutianyu Great Wall the scenery will be magnificent. The enemy watching tower called the Knife House and The Ox's Horn Edge Tower are very good to see. But you may be extremely tired to trek to Arrow Nock that you started from Mutianyu. You may start your itinerary at Pearl Spring, and walk on the Dragon Pool Dam built alone the stream. It takes not so long to reach the Arrow Nock, you can also go to Eagle Flying with Belly Up (which means the mountain is steep and dangerous that the heroic eagle is inevitably to raise up its belly to fly pass through), appreciate the scenic Dragon Pool and the ancient site of brick making that is for the building of the Great Wall.

The Pearl Spring's water is used for the bottling of the local mineral water brand Pearl Spring. The Rainbow Trout is the famous local dish that is made from the fish in the spring. Peasant recipes are also delicious.


Take bus no. 916 starts at Dongzhimen Gate, get off at Huairou County Bus Stop, where you change to a mini-bus to Xinying (辛营), and then take mini-bus to Pearl Spring near the Arrow Nock Great Wall.


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