Meng Jiang NvIn the Qin Dynasty, a good-hearted and beautiful girl named Meng Jiang Nv, one day, when she was doing housework in her courtyard, suddenly she discovered a man was hiding below the grape rack. She was so afraid and she wanted to shout aloud, but the young man waved his hands and asked for help, "Don't yell please, and save me ! My name is Fan Xiliang. I am here to seek refuge." At that time Qinshihuang Emperor was building the Great Wall and he deployed troops to catch civilian young men to help to complete the gigantic project. Many workers were tired or starved to death. Meng Jiang Nv agreed to save him. She knew that he was a handsome and well-learnt gentleman. She had the feeling of adoration of him and he loved the girl too. So in love and they asked for their parents' consent, they were to be married.

On the day of wedding, red lanterns and beautiful decorations were in Meng's family. Happy guests were crowded in the dining hall. When the darkness came, all the guests returned home. When Fan Xiliang and Meng Jiang Nv wanted to get into their bridal chamber they heard the flying noise of chicken and the barking sound of dogs. The ferocious soldiers entered their house. They didn't say anything, they just arrested Fan in locks. He was transferred to the Great Wall construction site to do harsh labor work.

Heartbreaking sadness was fully filled the heart of Meng Jiang Nv. She missed her husband very much. She thought that instead of staying at home to wait the news of him, she would like to search him in the construction site. She tidied up her baggage and set out to the Great Wall.

On the road, she weathered many hardships because of dangerous landscape and harsh climate, but she didn't cry and feel pain. The spirit of love had supported her physically and psychologically. She reached the construction site. But she had still to find him in every small site. For a long time she couldn't find him. At last, she asked a migrant worker, "Is Fan Xiliang here ?". "Yes, he is here and is a new comer." He answered. "Where is he now ? " "He is dead, and his corpse is buried under the foot of the wall !" Unfortunately, that was the final answer.

It was like a big thunder in the sky. Meng Jiang Nv didn't see anything but darkness ! She suddenly burst into tears. She cried mournfully for three whole days and nights. The heaven was moved by her tears. The sky turned dark and the wind grew strong. A part of the Great Wall was collapsed and the body of Fan Xiliang appeared. The tears of Meng Jiang Nv dropped on the distorted face of her beloved husband ! Meng had finally seen Fan Xiliang but he didn't see her, because he was killed by Qinshihuang.



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