Yin-Yang RoadDongtongzi passageway is the most famous Yin-Yang Road(阴阳道) among many rumors. Firstly what is Yin-Yang Road, easily illustration is at night with moonlight, on the long passageway, there are two roads, one for Yin and one for Yang. It is said that the ghost walked at night, but they always tried to walk by avoiding human. If man walked on the Yin road and ghost would on the Yang Road; if man on the Yang Road, and the ghost would on the Yin Road. If the man walks in the middle between Yin Road and Yang Road or one foot on Yang Road and the other on the Yin Road, the ghost would not have the way for walking, so the ghost would let man have a fall.

It is said that in 1980s, a strong young man at the age of 30 lived in dorms of Forbidden City. He did not believe the Yin-Yang Road at all when he talked with other people. This man was not tall but strong. It is said that he could eat eight steamed breads plus a small basin of rice at a time. For letting hearers ensure his disbelief, he announced to have a walk on the Yin-Yang Road. On the morning of the next day, people asked him about his walking on Yin-Yang Road last night. Originally it was just for fun, but this young man took it seriously and said with a horrible expression” Guys, never mention it any more please! At present I am not dating to mention it at all, let alone walk”. People knew what happen last night and asked him what happened. Last night he suddenly heard someone asking him”are you going to walking on Yin-Yang Road, aren’t you?”, when he was making supper in the yard. He turned around and did not see anybody. He thought he must make a mistake and continued making supper. But at this time, the voice came again,” are you going to walking on Yin-Yang Road, aren’t you?” he trembled too much for scaring and ran back to house. His mother turned to his neighbor for help as quick as she could. But nothing and no voices the helpers see and hear, so they just helped for do some housework and then went back respectively.

But people did not believe what he said and asked their neighbors about this strange thing, and young man’s neighbors authenticated it. Since then the health of this young man became worse and worse, and appetite also turned bad.

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