The Forbidden City, also called the Imperial Palace, is closely connected with China’s traditional uranology. The name origin of Forbidden City, exactly, is from the Ziwei Star System (Ziwei Star is widely called the master of all stars in the sky. Anciently, the researchers considered this star as Imperial Star, perhaps it is the brightest one in the sky at night; hence the controller of this star is undoubtedly the earthly emperor. Today in accordance with the astronomy, Ziwei star is internationally called Polaris, the central star of Little Dipper; Triones often operate around the Polaris in full seasons all the year. If the sky is looked as a funnel, the Polaris will be the top tip of the funnel).

In ancient China, the astronomers used to catergorize the stars in the sky into three kinds. Three kinds specifically are Taiwei Star System, Ziwei Star System and Tianshi Star System. And Ziwei Star system is the center of three star systems. Chinese ancient astronomers said Ziwei Star System was located in the mid sky and its location was always there in accordance with the operation of outer-space objects, so it became the representative of the emperor on the earth. It is said this star is the house of Heaven Emperor.

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