Architectural Construction of Forbidden City is a series of exclusive system mainly characterized by the normalization and finalization of wooden structure in China. In 1103, the published book of Construction Measures is concerned about the principles of design, building and material using of palace, temples, office building, and mansions.

The architectural construction of Forbidden City palaces also has a little development after succession of the tradition in standardization and finalization of architectural building. In 1734, a book named How to Do the Engineering, further systemizes the measures for palace building.

Compared with them in the past, the architectural measures of palaces of Ming and Qing Dynasties are more thorough, detailed and useful. Many specific regulations have been shown in ground layout, dais and fence , wood structure, roof style, wall formation, inner and outer decoration as well as paintings. The systemization of architectural construction on the one hand shows the high level maturity of architectural system, which is beneficial for work efficiency promotion and engineering management strengthening. On the other hand, it is harmful of the further development due to its inclination to rigescence and limits of creativity of architects.

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