Beijing TongrentangBeijing Tongrentang, was founded in the year 1669. It is a time-honored brand in traditional Chinese medicine industry. In China, it is the authoritative shop selling the Chinese traditional medicine. Ever since Emperor Yongzheng, Tongrentang has officially became the privileged pharmacy for the Qing Imperial, and has been through eight generations of Qing Emperor. The expression of Tongren drives from the Book of Changes, one of Confucian classics, meaning “harmonious and selfless” and “treating others equally” in Chinese. Besides follow this motto, their strict compliance with high standards has won them the longstanding reputation.

Company address : 52 East Xinglong Road, Chongwen District, Beijing
Tel : 010-67171762
Store address : 1-4 floor of Tongrentang Building, 42 Chongwenmenwai Street, Beijing
Tel : 010-67187466

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