Beijing is located in the warm temperature zone with a continental climate in northern China.

Annual rainfall averages nearly 700 mm, most in July and August. The frost-free period is 185 days. The average temperature all around the whole year is 11.7 C. The average temperatures of the hottest month, July and the coldest month January range from 27 C and -4.6 C. 

Beijing WeatherThe short seasons, spring (usually from February to April) and autumn (usually from August to October) are better seasons for visiting Beijing. The best time to visit Beijing is May, September and October, when people enjoy bright sunny sky and with few tourists crowding in the attractions.

The four seasons in Beijing are distinct. Winter is dry and cold and has little snow, and summer is hot and rainy. For realizing the promise of green Olympics, the climate is being changed to be better as the environmental-protection implementation. The polluted days have been sharply decreased, instead the sunny and fresh days in growing day by day. The sandstorm is not so strong as before.

If you come to Beijing in spring, you could wear jeans and sweater. You may also bring a warm cap because it is a little windy during this period. And the sandstorm should also be noticed. In summer the temperature could reach as high as 30 C. T-shirts and pants are the best bet. Sunglass and parasol are necessary to shelter from sunshine. Autumn is beautiful season in Beijing. But it is better to bring some heavy clothes with you.

In winter, you should prepare a heavy woolen sweater, and a long wind coat or a down jacket. Generally, there will be several heavy snowfalls each winter, so it is always wise for you to have anti-skidding shoes. Beijing is dryly cold in winter, and the south China is wet cold. If you are ready to travel China from south to north or in reverse, it is should be careful.

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