The development of China Railway High-speed was the sixth time of acceleration of train in the country. The Chinese name of this brand-new high-speed railway system is "和谐号" (Harmony). The trains have the advanced techniques introduced from Japan, Germany and France, to which these foreign technologies have been absorbed and become integral parts of Chinese train manufacture industry.

The Harmony CRH trains mean harmonious relations between human beings and the Mother Nature. CRH is energy saving and environmentally friendly in design. They have little impact to natural environment. There are more than 120 enterprises in 12 provinces in China engaging in manufacture of the CRH trains. The wide participation of train building means CRH is an outcome of harmonious relations of people from different places.


China Railway High-speedChina Railway High-speed















The speed of the CRH trains can reach about 180 kilometers per hour. Clean, spacious and non-smoking train compartments, safety glass windows, comfortable air-conditioning and snack and coffee bars will be great for a train journey.

Now there are Beijing-Tianjin CRH, Shanghai-Nanjing CRH and Hangzhou-Shanghai CRH Trains services.


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