The public bus network is big in China's capital that gives great travel convenient for local people and travelers from abroad. Comfortable air-conditioned bus routes are "8" as their initial digits. They are single-decker buses. For double-deckers, Chinese character "特", which means Special, are being used. If tourist spots, the bus routes are called "游" (Tourism). There are some nighttime services too. 

Beijing BusThe bus fares are relatively cheap compared to some big cities in China, usually 40 percent discount can be obtained if you have a Beijing Bus IC Card. More over, some major roads have bus only driveways. So, in the rush hours during weekdays, buses will probably run much faster than taxis.

Beijing's bus stops are commonly clean, the stainless steel frames of the station booths and bus route list boards are very in harmony with the modernized capital city of China.

There are nine long-distance bus stations in Beijing City today. The long-distance buses will take you to places around Beijing Municipality and far off areas in central, northern and northeast China.

Zhaogongkou Long-distance Bus Station (赵公口长途汽车站), Yongwainan (永外南), 34 Middle Third Ring Road, Beijing. Tel. : 010- 67212593.
Muxiyuan Long-distance Bus Station (木樨园长途汽车站), 199 Haihutun (海户屯), Fengtai District, Beijing. Tel. : 010-67226617.
Lianhuachi Long-distance Bus Station (莲花池长途汽车站), Liuliqiao (六里桥) in Fengtai District.
Beijing South Long-distance Bus Station, at the east of Eastern Railway Station in Yongdingmen. Tel. : 010-63034307.
Lizeqiao Long-distance Bus Station (丽泽桥长途汽车站), east Lizeqiao Bridge, West Third Ring Road. Tel. : 010-63470828.
Jiulongshan Long-distance Bus Station (九龙山长途汽车站), West Dawang Road, Chaoyang District. Tel. : 010-67762443.
Bawangfen Long-distance Bus Station (八王坟长途汽车站), 17 West Dawang Road. Tel. : 010-87718844.
Xizhimen Long-distance Bus Station (西直门长途汽车站), near North Beijing Railway Station, 2 Beixiaguan (北下关). Tel. : 010-62173556.
Dongzhimen Long-distance Bus Station (东直门长途汽车站), 45 Outer Dongzhimen Street. Tel. : 010-64608131.


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