Beijing Railway Station

Beijing Railway Station has always been an important train traffic hub with most advanced facilities in China. In addition to domestic, long distance train routes, it also has railway lines to Moscow, Pyongyang and Ulan Bator. The station is located near the famous Jianguomen Gate inside the Second Ring Road area in downtown Beijing.

Beijing Railway Station was initially built in 1901, the first address of the train station was near Zhengyangmen Gate (正阳门). It had been moved to the present address in September 1959. It was also the dedicated architecture to celebrate the tenth anniversary of founding of the People's Republic of China.

Beijing East Railway Station

It is a relatively small train station of Beijing. Its original name was Eastern Outskirts Railway Station, built in 1938. Nowadays the station is of municipal level in Beijing City.

Located in Tongzhou New Town of eastern Beijing, in the near future, Beijing-Harbin Express, Beijing-Qinhuangdao Railway and Intercity Express of Beijing to Tianjin will pass and stop at the station. An urban train line will be built that links Beijing East Railway Station to Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station.

Beijing South Railway Station

The history of Beijing South Railway Station traces back to 1907. In 1958, the term of application of the "new" Beijing South Railway Station was about ten years. It has long been expired when the new millennium has come. So its services had to be stopped and a rebuilding work had to be done. In late 2007, the new Beijing South Railway Station was opened for public use. It has one-hundred years' life of use and it is the largest railway station in Asia.

Beijing South Railway Station is the starting points for Beijing-Shanghai Express and Beijing-Tianjin Express. It has also linked with Beijing Subway Lines, local buses and urban taxis. The new Beijing South Railway Station has five levels, of which three levels are in the basement. The train waiting rooms can accommodate 10,500 people simultaneously in total. The whole train station building is powered by solar energy. The environmental-friendly energy is used at daytime while at night it will be powered by municipal electricity.

On August 1, 2008, China's fastest ever train from Beijing to Tianjin that runs at a top speed of 394 kilometers per hour began its passenger services. It only takes 30 minutes to Tianjin from Beijing South Railway Station.

Beijing West Railway Station

The railway station on East Lianhuachi Road (莲花池东路) which is near to the Beijing West Third Ring Road is one of the largest passenger railway traffic hub in Asia nowadays. It was built in 1996, the railway station square is being divided into South and North, of which the southern one is adjacent to Lianhuachi Park and the northern is one kilometer to the majestic China Millennium Monument.

Beijing West Railway Station is great in its architecture, too, especially to be viewed at a clear night. In the middle-top, there is a building of Chinese pagoda style, it will be brightly illuminated in the evening, very eye-catching.

Beijing West Railway Station had been the frontline project of the Beijing-Kowloon Railway Line, which passenger trains will as far as Hong Kong's Kowloon Railway Station. As one of the biggest railway stations in the world, Beijing West Railway Station now radiates its passenger train function to all over China, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Wuhan, Xian, Zhengzhou, Nanchang, Chongqing, Taiyuan, Fuzhou, Guilin and Xinjiang regions and so on are covered by its train network.

The South and North Squares have bus routes that go to tourism spots in Beijing. A Beijing Subway line will be completed that links Beijing Railway Station and Beijing West Railway Station.

Beijing North Railway Station

The railway station was called Xizhimen Gate Station (西直门站), built in 1905. Situated in West District of Beijing. After the renovation, the station's ticket selling area is quite near to the entrances of Lines 2 and 13 of the Beijing Subway, thus the walking distance from the ticket hall to Subway stations has been shortened more than 100 meters. The Japanese style architecture of the station building has been listed Beijing's second level municipal relic of protection. The platforms are paved with marble pieces. Chinese made 50 kilograms steel tracks are being used on the railway. They are seamless that lie on the sleepers, so the trains run safest ever.

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