Beijing Capital International Airport (BCIA) is sometimes locally called the Capital Airport. It is the main air transportation hub in China, located in the northeast outskirts of Beijing City, about 25.35 kilometers to Tiananmen Square.

BCIA is also the most important, largest and busiest air cargo port with best facilities in China. It consists of three airport terminal buildings, two 4E-class runways, one 4F-class runway, and advanced passenger and cargo facilities. A new F-class runway is built in 2008 that can meet the requirements for landing of F-class planes (the runway's dimension is 3,800 meters length and 60 meters width). 

Beijing Capital International AirportThe Capital Airport was officially opened for passenger use on March 2, 1958. It was the first airport for civilian application in China. At that time it was only a tiny airport for small airplanes, and it was mainly used by VIPs or tour groups. An expansion project has been completed in 1980, a 60,000 square meters building, a big parking apron, car parking spaces and other airport facilities were available. The scale of the Capital Airport has also been expanded in 1995, 2004 and 2008.

Beijing Capital International Airport provides one-stop service for passengers and travelers. Special travelers' services are available for senior citizens, small babies and young children, invalid or physically handicapped people.


Beijing Subway has a line that links Beijing Dongzhimen Gate and the Airport. There are four stations, Dongzhimen (in which you can transfer Beijing Subway Line Nos. 2 and 13), Sanyuanqiao (三元桥) (Line No. 10 is available), No. 2 Terminal Building and No. 3 Terminal Building.

Taxi stands are located at the Terminal Buildings.

Airport Express Bus Routes : they start at Xidan, Beijing Railway Station, The Tomb of the Princess, Zhongguancun Village, Fangzhuang Village and Wangjing (望京). They set out once in 15 or 30 minutes.

Beijing Capital International Airport to Tianjin, it stops at the opposite of Port No. 15 of No. 2 Terminal, and at the opposite of the Gate No. 3 of No. 3 Terminal. The Tianjin Stop is in Tianjin Zhonghuan Bus Terminal (天津中环客运站) at the junction of West Anshan Road and Hongqi Road.


Sino-Swiss Hotel Beijing is a four-star hotel located near BCIA. It is also a holiday village style hotel with 35 luxury suites and 408 standard rooms. Food and beverage, airport coach, language interpretation, business conference and tour guide services are provided. Address : Xiaotianzhu Road (小天竺路), south of the airport.

The three-star Airport Garden Hotel Beijing has spacious rooms, Chinese and Western restaurants and banquet hall that can cater 300 people simultaneously.

The Beijing Airport Hotel is one kilometer to the south of BCIA and near to the Airport Expressway. 24-hour food delivery, airport coach and baggage registration services will be you feel very convenient in Beijing.

BCIA inquiry telephone no: 010-64541100, website :



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