Yanpinghuiguan Theater is built in the Ming Dynasty, and has been rebuilt many times. It is a 12-story theater on the top of a hill. 

Yanpinghuiguan TheaterIt is very sumptuous in the theater, elegant carved beams and painted ridgepoles will capture your sight. There are two-story of stands. The second-floor stand is divided into balconies, facing the stage; these are the special seats only for the officials. The both sides are also the stand, but with tables and chairs. There are stairs on the four corners for the convenience of audiences. The downstairs is placed with square tables and benches, there are for the ordinary audiences. The stage consists of three stories, and the up and down stories are installed with devices to assist the performance.

Yanpinghuiguan Theater is the biggest theater in Beijing, and is well-preserved in the Qing Dynasty style.

Address : 36 Xiaojiang Hutong, Chongwen District, Beijing, China.
Transportation : bus 2, 17, 20, 53, 59, 110,120, 805 or 819 to Dazhalan Stop.

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