Silk StreetThis big and world famous shopping mall located on East Xiushui Street, near Ritan Embassy Area of Chaoyang District in Beijing. There are about 410 stalls inside with more than a thousand salespersons and the total annual saleroom over 100 million RMB. It mostly sells garments for foreign trade export, delicate silk products, genuine leather goods and tourism souvenirs, which attract tourists from around the world. Silk Street's (秀水街) scale and fame are acquired through more than ten years of business development. You won't just find high quality Chinese silk garments and accessories but also imported goods of well-known brands sold in relatively budget prices. The fashion prices are usually less than half of big shopping mall in Beijing.

Silk StreetMany visitors there are customers from foreign countries and some can speak a little bit Chinese with some interesting gestures and expressions. They want to get cheaper prices for the things they like to buy. The vendors will say some foreign words to draw the visitors' attention. In fact, with their sales experience and efforts in learning, they can speak simple phrases about sale and bargaining in three or four foreign languages. 

Silk Street is best known for its honesty in doing business and selling genuine goods, so it always attracts foreigners who are living in Beijing and staffs from neighboring embassies. The former French President Jacques Chirac and the wife of former US Secretary of States James Baker have visited Silk Street.

Silk StreetIn addition fashion and accessories, Silk Street has jewelry shops, antique market, traditional Chinese medicine store (Beijing Tongren Tang) and Roast Duck restaurants. In the basement, a food mall is a great place for dining experience. You will find many delicacies like fried rice, fried noodles, spring rolls, and Hong Kong style cuisine.

Silk Street's shopping mall is excellent in basic facilities. It is air-conditioned, good security condition and fire prevention monitoring. Transportation is convenient too. Beijing Subway station is being linked to the shopping mall. The car parking space allows tens of tour coaches to stop. The bus stop the is called Yongan Lane (永安里). Bus route No. 915 can take you directly from Dongzhimen to Silk Street.


Silk StreetSilk Street 

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