Lingshan Natural Scenic Area is 122 kilometers away from downtown Beijing, its Qiding Peak with the altitude of 2,303 meters, is the number one peak in Beijing. 

Lingshan Natural Scenic AreaWeather in here is changing all the time, clouds capped the mountains, and the fertile land and various climates could nurture both mesotherm plant and Siberian plants. And it is most famous for the alpine meadow grows in the area above 1,900 meters. It is the only natural farm suitable for the Xinjiang fine-wood sheep, Bos grunniens, Ili horse.

Travel in here is not only for your eyes’ feast, but also a journey for your taste. You can feel the sweet spring run through your thirsty throat, and the fresh leek, fungus, nuts would whet your appetite. 

Lingshan Natural Scenic AreaLingshan natural scenic area is short in spring and summer, long in autumn and winter. It is a good place for vacation and summer resort. It’s also an ideal place for skiing with its thick snow in winter.

Address : On the northwest of Mentougou District, Xijiaomen, Beijing, China.

Transportation : take bus No. 336 or 326 to Hetangcangtu Stop, then change to No. 929 to Lingshan Natural Scenic Area.

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