Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes Kwan-Yin Bronze Statue is at the site of Wangfoyanshou Temple. The statue was built in the Ming Dynasty, and is the existing biggest bronze Kwan-Yin statue of the most elegant shape. 

Thousand Hands and Thousand Eyes Kwan-Yin Bronze StatueThe statue is eight meters high, with a crown, and three women faces, which is round and with dignified expression. Originally there are altogether 24 hands, now only four hands are left. Each hand is in different gestures. Dressed in short coat and long shirt and stood on the lotus base, the bronze statue was made in three sections and then connected together.

Transportation : bus 310, 313, 338, 351, 657, 804, 958, or 996 to Fengtaibei Road, Beijing, China.

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