Jingdong Grand Canyon tourist zone consists of Grand Canyon and Jintai Mountain. Grand Canyon is deep and serene; the Jintai Mountain is flat like a platform.

There are five wonders of the Grand Canyon. The first is 30 or so meters’ waterfall, with its roaring sound reverberating in the canyon, the second is the high and steep cliff, like a sword thrust into the sky. The third, the five pools, clear and transparent enough to see the fish swimming around, sometimes still as a mirror, sometimes racing like a wild horse. The fourth is the hang-in-the-air plank path. The canyon is zigzag and precipitous, and this plank path takes you to experience it to the extreme. The fifth is the Longmen Lake. With the reflection of all the mountains and birds, it gives people the scene resembling a utopia.

It is the place for you to explore, and to challenge yourself. If you are outdoor sports lover, don’t hesitate to throw yourself to the arms of nature.

Address : North of Yuzi Village, Shangdongzhuang County, Pinggu District, Beijing, China.
Jingdong Grand CanyonJingdong Grand Canyon

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