Chinese Wonderful Stone Park is the first stone theme park in China, and is the biggest in the world. It located on the foot of Great Wall (Mutianyu Section). It is also the activity base of Chinese wonderful stone collectors.

There are three main natural scenic areas : Mutianshuilin Cave, Grotesque Stone Garden, Wonder Stone Viewing Pavilion, all together thousands of spots. In Mutianshuilin Cave, there are caves connected with caves, caves within caves, and waterfalls dashing from the cave. In Grotesque Stone Garden, there are many strange stones. The Wonder Stone Viewing Pavilion is the core part of the park. There contains thousands of stone in various shapes and colors. You’ll impressed by how great the nature is to create these amazing stones.

You’ll have an eyes’ feast of those invaluable stones, which are parallel to national treasures.

Address : Mutianyu Village, Sanduhe, Huairou County, Beijing, China. 

Chinese Wonderful Stone ParkChinese Wonderful Stone Park





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