Beiputuo Film City is a multi-functional and large-scale film city that combines tourism, film shooting, and film research together. Its architecture is mainly in the Ming and Qing Dynasties style. 

Beiputuo Film CityThere are buildings of antique flavors, such as Red Chamber Garden, Beiputuo Temple, traditional folk culture activities of Mongolia tea ball, dress up party, throwing embroidered ball etc; Ming and Qing ancient town, a village in every three streets.

The film city boasts of 20 scenic areas, 50 scenic spots, also a memorial temple to commemorate Chao Xueqing, the author of “Dream of the Red Chamber”. Each year in April, there will be a grand ball, many traditional activities will hold, such as lion dance, dance the land boat and so on.

Address : Nangong, Daxing County, Beijing, China.

Transportation : Bus 926, or Putuo special line bus.

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