Guangji Temple located at the northwest corner of Xicheng Avenue of Downtown Beijing is said to be built in Jin Dynasty, roughly during the same period of Song Dynasty. Amid Ming Dynasty, exactly during the period from 1457 to 1464, a monk named Hui He of Shanxi province reconstructed this temple, and the central government presented the temple the plaque with four characters “弘慈广济” or Amplifying Mercy and Extending Help. In early period of Qing Dynasty, several highly-cultivated monks set this place as its center of doctrine spread. In 1953, Buddhist Association of China was founded over here. Since then, Guangji Temple has been one of the most important centers of Chinese Buddhism. Guangji Temple mainly constitutes Shan Men, Drum-Bell Tower, Daxiong Baodian, Cangjing Pavilion and other classic architecture.

Guangji Temple has many statues made in Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, as well as a huge collection of Buddhism scriptures. In its library, there are more than 100, 000 Buddhism classics in 23 languages, and has 12 versions of “Tripitaka”. These are important materials for research Buddhism’s development in China, as well as an important part in Chinese traditional culture.

Address : 25 Nei Street, Fucheng Gate, Xicheng District, Beijing, China
Transportation : Buses 13, 22, 47, 603, 101 and 103.
  Beijing Guangji TempleBeijing Guangji Temple

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