Hutong,whose pronunciation is directly from Mongolian, has an over 700-year history, up to the present. Hence, Hutong in Beijing is the product of the time-honored history. It reflects the real appearance of Beijing's history. Majority of Hutong in Beijing is built following the east and west directions, or south and north directions. Therefore, it forms the square structure of Beijing and shows the establishment of Beijing is delicately programmed according to the sturcture of chessboard.

Hutong is a typical building with local architectural style in northern China, particularly in Beijing. It originally dated from Yuan dynasty. Generally, it is expressed to be flat and small houses. Most of northern culture is originated from Hutong.

Shicha-Sea Hutong is the top choice among varieties of Hutong. The well-preserved houses could take you back to the common life of the old Beijing. Along the street, you can see the local's daily activities. The tranquility is the first characteristic of Hutong. Living or staying there, you could be far away from anxiety, tiredness, uneasiness, and other unhealthy social reactions. The senior citizens sit on the side of the road and smilingly watch the relaxed by-passers. Some people are also performing Taiji slowly with others. Possibly, some great masters in this aspect are among them. Some senior people also cannot help singing some sections of Peking Opera under the old trees meanwhile some lovers amy stay and appreciate it for some minutes, and even some want to join in the singing or playing, and then an informal, free, but attractive Peking-opera performance commences. The audience stands, sits, or climbs up the trees to enjoy it. In Hutong, many folk techniques and custom can be seen easily. The regulations for marriage could be discovered from the gate characters of houses. Furthermore, those old men also give you surprise through your talk and idea exchange. From them, perhaps you could really find the core and essence of Beijing people's life value and Beijing's spirit.

The western-style clubs and hotels are also easily found among those local residences. The youth prefer to sit there to write, talk, rest and so on. Probably the existence of Hutong is purely used for leisure and residence. There are fewer cars than in the downtown. The urban people undoubtedly adore these residents' lives. Tricycles are the common vehicles. When you enter the Hutong you may find many tricycles on the both sides of streets. These drivers are mostly the local and they are hospitable. It will be the first impression when you visit Hutong in Beijing. Beijing is famous for its culture, history, politics and buildings. Hutong is perhaps the most typical and impressive building style in Beijing. If you visit Beijing, Hutong will be your top choice when you are thinking about the itinerary-arrangement of Beijing.

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