Yuyuantan Park is mainly composed of Cherry Blossom Garden in the west, Yingshuihu scenic area in the north, Zhongshan Island in the south, and Liuchun Garden in the east. 

Yuyuantan ParkCherry Blossom Garden has 180 Prunus Sagertii from Hokkaido. They are the gift trees resemble the friendship between China and Japan. Then there added Cerasus serrulata and eight kinds of cherry blossoms from northeast part of China. Nowadays, there are about 3,000 cherry blossoms planted in the garden. In April, streams of tourists will come to admire the beautiful pink flowers.

Transportation (bus routes) :
East gate : no. 114, 320, 717, or 727 to Yuyuantan Stop ; and 13, 21, 37, or 65 to Sanlihexikou Stop.
West gate : no. 300, 323, 374, 394, or T8 to Bayihubei Stop or Fucheng Stop.
South gate : no. 1, 4, 52, 337, 827, or T1.
North gate : no. 37, 121, 335, 336, or 846 to Mashengmiao Stop or Baituizi Stop.

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