Yanxi Lake Park is on the foot of Yanshan Mountain. Every year in spring and summer, flocks of wild gooses will settle in here. That’s why it is called Yanxi Lake. 

Yanxi Lake ParkYanxi Lake is surrounded by mountains in three sides, 90 per cent of this area is covered by vegetation. These mountains are the natural screen protecting the lake from the sand, thus the quality of lake is superb. Animals like wild goose, swan, crane which have high request of the water quality, are always settled here.

There also has about 40 amusement facilities including on the water and on the land, such as water scooter, water screen movie, rocket bungee, rock climbing etc. are popularized among tourists.

It is a good place to relax as well as enjoy the nature.

Address: 3 Yanshui Road, Yanxi Lake, Huairou District, Beijing, China.

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