Nanhaizi Milu Park has swamps, pastures, pools, forests, and has a full-enclosed eco-environment. It is the first Milu National Reserve in China. 

Nanhaizi Milu ParkNanhaizi was originally the Imperial Park in Ming and Qing Dynasties ; it is the ideal place for the raising of Milu.

Milu was living in the down reach of Yellow River ; it looks like red deer and wapiti, but with long tail, and has mild temper. But due to Eight-power Allied Forces invaded Beijing, they slaughtered Milu, since then Milu has died out in China. In 1985, Britain gave back 20 Milu to China, and then they sent 18 Milu back again in 1987. Being back to their hometown, these Milu grew well and its number increased fast.

Nanhaizi Milu Park has added many Cevidae Animals, such as spotted deer, red deer, white-lipped deer etc. It now becomes a “Deer Museum”.

Address: Sanhaizi, Luquan Country, Daxing County, Beijing, China.
Transportation: bus 377,729, or 352 to Jiugong Stop



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