It is said that first there was the Lotus Flower Pool then existed the Beijing City. Lotus Flower Pool which is of more than 3,000 years old is the birthplace of Beijing City. 

Lotus Flower Pool Park
The newly built park has four connected hills, the east hill is long and steep, covered by pines and cypresses, the west hill is broad and subdued uplift, robinia are luxuriant and green all over the hill. And there are also man-made south and north hills. On the north bank of the Lotus Flower Pool, there is an arched causeway divides out a small pool in the Lotus Flower Pool. Lotus grown there keeps reminding you the name of the park.

The Lotus Flower Pool Park has its unique “cultural square”, 1,000 square meters’ open dance pool, facilitated with professional high-end stereo, is the dream place for dance lovers. Or you can take photos beside the “Taoyuanquanyong” pool, to record the beautiful scenery.

Address : on the east of Zhong Road, West 3rd Ring Road, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
Transportation : bus 1, 4, 300, 309, 730, 830, 845, 937, or T2 to Liuliqiaobeili Stop.

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