Grand View GardenGrand View Garden is a featured classic garden in Beijing City. It is built according to the description of the famous Chinese literature work—The Dreams of Red Chamber. The Grand View Garden is built by Jia Family for the oldest daughter who has been selected as a concubine of the emperor. 

In the 13-hectare garden, there are more than 40 pavilions, accompanied by rockeries and pools, flower and trees. The academic area of the Dream of the Red Chamber regards it as deliver the dreams of red chamber. Architects believe that it combines the academics of red chamber dream, ancient architecture, and traditional garden art together. Literature realm views it as the museum of red chamber dream culture. If you are interested in the dreams of red chamber, you shall not miss this place.

Address : 12 Nancaiyuan Street, Xuanwu District, Beijing, China.
Transportation : bus route no. 56, 59, 122, 351, 395, 423, 721, 800, 819, 922, 939, or T3 to Grand View Garden Stop.

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