Nangong has been crowned as the “No.1 Terrestrial Heat Village of China”. Its main sites are Terrestrial Heat Science Expo Center, Thermal Spring Aquaculture Center, Thermal Spring Fishing Center and Thermal Spring Plant Base. 

Beijing Nangong World Terrestrial Heat ParkNangong has worked with Beijing Terrestrial Research Collage, and successfully exploited high quality terrestrial heat hot spring. To make the best use the resource, high temperature water is for heating supply in winter ; warm water is used in swimming pool and bathing of the hotels and entertainment centers. Low temperature water is used in aquaculture; the cold water is for irrigation.

The park has sites for participating and entertaining, such as fishing and bathing, as well as sightseeing sites, like music fountain, Grand Modern Sculpture etc. You’ll have a great time here.

Address : Nangong, Wangzuo County, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
Transportation : bus route 321, 339, 715, or 744.

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