On the western suburb of Beijing, you’ll see a cluster of unique buildings. Among the flowers and trees are the red roof pastoral houses, which they are in harmonious with the nature. This is Beijing Jinxiudadi Ecological Park.

The park is divided into South and North Areas. The South is oriented in high-tech research and industrial production, while the North is based on ecological agriculture and sightseeing. There are Lotus pool, Anapji Pond and Swan Pond, and there are also lived hundreds of egrets, mallards.

There has set up 21 sightseeing spots, such as vegetable factory, embryo center, edible fungi exhibition center, wetland project etc.

This park present a high-tech, industrial, modern agriculture, and the wetland featured in harmony of people and nature.

Address : 166 Liaogongzhuang, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Transportation : bus route no. 746, 736, 850, or 977 to Shifangyuangxi Stop.


Beijing Jinxiudadi Ecological Park



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