Beijing Fenghuangling Nature Park covers 15.33 square kilometers. It boasts a well-conserved ecological environment. Away from the city center, without the pollution of car exhaust, the fresh air, pure water and blue sky. 

Beijing Fenghuangling Nature ParkThe park is famed for grotesque peaks, queer rocks, vast forests and mysterious springs. The soul-stirring Shennu Peak, and the majestic Lion Hill are the representative of grotesque peaks. The queer rocks resemble the moon in the sky, the stone monkey, the privately chatting sweethearts, or the footprint of the immortal. The vast forests boast towering ancient pines and ginkgos as well as peach gardens, apricot gardens and apple gardens. The spring is famous for its sweetness and full of minerals.

Cultural landscape is another shining point here. There are numerous ruins and sites of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, and so on. They are well integrated with the nature scene. 

Beijing Fenghuangling Nature ParkThe park is divided into north, central, south areas with about 40 sites. The northern scenic area is the perfect combination of mountain and water. The central area is started from Longquan Temple, all the way showing the culture of ancient health preservation. The south area is the wonder place of exploration, hunt for novelty.

Address : 19 Fenghuangling Road, Sujiatuo County, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Transportation : bus no. 346.

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