Trains in ChinaFor traveling around China, train is the most convenient way. Forget about the bad impression that is made by the old news you've seen. Nowadays trains in China are safe and comfortable, even for women traveling alone. Traveling by train is quite an interesting experience, you can meet the local people and you may try to make friend with them. The railway network covers every province in China except the Hainan Island. In 2006, the brand-new Tibet link has opened to service, a new horizon for travelers' exploring curiosity.

The trains that travel between big cities in China are equipped with air-conditioning and quite clean. Generally the trains have 4 classes : hard seat, hard sleeper, soft seat and soft sleeper. Short distance trains normally have hard seats only, albeit some intercity ones also have soft seats. Long distance trains, soft and hard class sleepers are available. Soft sleeper carriages consist of comfortable 4-berth compartments with full beddings provided. Hard sleeper class has 6 bunks, i.e. 2 upper, 2 middle and 2 lower berths installed in a compartment. The compartments are usually arranged in a row on one side of the corridor, with seats and small tables on the other side of it for daytime use. Soft sleeper class, which has a greater space, is highly recommended for visitors to China. In addition to the ordinary hard and soft sleeper classes, the important routes like Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong and Beijing-Xian have deluxe soft class 2-berth compartments with individual television screens and private washrooms. 

Trains in ChinaMost trains have dining cars serving meals that mainly of Chinese style with Western soft drinks and beer provided. The quality of the meals is quite acceptable. The train staffs also pull carts regularly offering various kinds of food and beverage.

Always arrive at the station about one hour in advance the departure of the train. In major cities, stations can be very busy and it may take some time to find your train. In many train stations your baggage should be X-ray checked before boarding.

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