Shunyi Olympic Water ParkThe Water Park takes up an area of 302.7 square kilometers. It is capable of holding rowing, canoeing, water-skiing and so on about 8 water sports categories including 114 specific water sports. It is the place where could hold the most kinds of water sports till now. After the Olympic Games, it’ll turn into an international leisure resort combining cultural, entertaining, sports altogether.

Entering the gate, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful fountain, and there are two walls on the both sides with lively water sports pictures. If you take your time to wander in the water park, you’ll find almost everything is connected with water, even the street lamps.

Address : near Chaopai Lake, North Xiaoying County, Shunyi District, Beijing, China.

Transportation : take bus No. 915 to Shunyi Shengli District, then change to Olympic 20 to Water Park.

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