It is an advanced, fully functional modern gymnasium. It covers an area of 168 thousand square meters and the total building area is 63 thousand square meters. With four floors aboveground and three underground, it has the capacity of taking in 18 thousand spectators. 

Olympic Basketball GymnasiumThis golden gymnasium has a low-E glass coat (or called low radiation glass). It can save 6 per cent energy in summer and 70 per cent energy in winter. It also adopts a rainwater recycling system to more effectively make use of the nature resource.

In order to ease the rush of large audiences, there are six bridges around the gym to disperse the crowd. The special feature of it lies in that one end of these bridges is not connected with the gym so as to prevent the thermal expansion and chilling contraction.

In the gym, you'll see a funnel-shaped LED display screen. It can live broadcast, capture the special moments and time keeping etc. This gymnasium is the combination of so many eco-friendly ideas, it has so much to explore, and you’ll find it is not just a gym.

Address : Wukesong Cultural and Sports Center, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Transportation : bus 64, 212, 337, 426, 609, 620, 728, or 849.



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