Beijing Olympic Green Tennis Court’s floor space is 1,668 square meters and the building floor is 26,514 square meters, altogether has ten competition courts. The center court as the final competition court is capable of taking in 10 thousand people. 

Beijing Olympic Green Tennis CourtThe three main tennis courts are all in the dodecagon shape and in grey wall, just like three full-blown lotuses; the 12 sides are stands, where the audience could bathe in the sunlight to really enjoy this sunny sport. Taking into account the quality of watching the tennis game, the stands are designed quite steep to ensure spectators the best sight line.

The thoughtful designs also goes into cooling down the floor temperature in summer, the tennis court meticulously adopted the natural ventilation technique, which can reduce about 5 degrees centigrade.

Address: Olympic Forest Park, Zhaoyan District, Beijing, China.

Transportation: bus 305, 315, 333, 344, 355, 392, 407, 419, 478, 490, 604, 618, 670, 719, 748, 752, 753, 810, 819, 839, or 909 to Qinghenanzhen Stop.

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