The exhibition hall is built inside the former site of the Yuanmingyuan Garden, which was the incarnation of the profound wisdom and diligent labor of the hard working Chinese people. The Yuanmingyuan Garden was built in 1709, at the time of the most flourishing age of the Qing Dynasty. The garden had been renewed and expanded many times during its 150 years history. It inherited and carried forward the essence of Chinese architectural art, as well as absorbed the Western architectural technique and gardening style. At last, Yuanmingyuan had become a gigantic royal garden with its scenery of utmost beauty. It fame flied to Europe and the people called it as the Queen of Gardens.

Yuanmingyuan Garden Exhibition HallUnfortunately, the Yuanmingyuan Garden was heavily looted and badly burnt by British-French troops and Eight-Power Allied Forces in 1860 and 1900 respectively. All the architecture and relics have been gone.

Yuanmingyuan Garden Exhibition Hall is a memorial to the majestic imperial garden, built in 1979. There is a miniature model of the Yuanmingyuan Garden. With a great collection of precious relics, invaluable pictures and video narrations, the history of the garden can be clearly seen.

Address : Yuanmingyuan Park, North Qinghua Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

Telephone : 010-62568872

Transportation : bus route 331, 333, 810, 814 or Special No. 6 (特6) until Yuanmingyuan Bus Station.

Opening hours : 7:00am – 5:30pm.

Admission : 10 RMB and half price for student.

Nearby attractions : Qinghua University, Beijing University and the Summer Palace.


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