The Agricultural Museum of China was officially opened to the general public in September 1986. It is set up in the 1950s – National Agricultural Exhibition Hall, which is located on the East Third Ring Road in Beijing City. The museum occupies about 52 hectares of land area. Its exterior design is in Western architectural style. It is a great venue for agricultural technique and knowledge exchanges. 

The Agricultural Museum of ChinaThis museum is an ideal place for knowing about the long history of ancient agriculture and modern farming technique in China. It displays the planting, stockbreeding and fishery industries' research progresses, scientific development and notable achievements since the founding of the People's Republic of China, as well as the oldest farming tools in the country. The state of the art agricultural technology in China today is being exhibited in the East Hall of The Agricultural Museum of China. The biotechnology, agricultural communication, precision farming and nuclear agricultural science are the essences of nowadays China's farming technology.

Nuclear agricultural science is the combination of the theory of nuclide and nuclear radiation and its technology, and agricultural science. This nuclear science involves mutation breeding, radiation process of food products, pest prevention by radiation and low rate of radiation for grow up promotion of plants.

Address : East Third Ring Road, Beijing, China.
Opening hours : 9:00 – 16:00 (Closed on Mondays, no entry after 15:00).
Admission : for tourist group (20 or more), 5 RMB per capita, student group 3 RMB per capita.
For individual traveler, 10 RMB while 6 for student.

Transportation : bus route 43, 113, 115 (Cable Car), 300, 302, 402, 405, 416, 701, 703, 707, 718, 825, or 847 alight at The Agricultural Museum Bus Stop.


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