The photographic archive was established in May 1984. It is the central photographic documents collection house in China that stores pictures of every age in the country since the introduction of photo-taking technology. It is also affiliated to New China News Agency and National Archive of China.

Up to the end of 1990, the National Photographic Archive has collected about 1,400,000 film negatives and 800,000 film copies, which included the time of the late Qing Dynasty and various important events thereafter. You can find invaluable photographs of Qing's Dowager Cixi, Emperor Guangxu, Puyi the last Emperor, the founding father of modern China Dr. Sun Yat-sen and many other celebrities in China's history.

The eventful epoch of early twentieth century's China has filled great ingredients for news photography. The Democratic Revolution in 1911, May Fourth Movement, Anti-Japanese War and the founding of the People's Republic of China are being clearly depicted and displayed in the archive hall

For photography lovers, the National Photographic Archive of China won't make you disappointed at all. It collects scenic pictures from various tourist attractions, of exotic animals and strange plants in China.

The National Photographic Archive of China introduces advanced archival management methods to upgrade the efficient storage facilities, reasonable categorization and user-friendly search services. The archive also provides news photos for foreign journalists, local book and magazine publications, as well as for photo exhibition applications, scientific research and education. Excellent pictures can be as friendly gifts for foreigners by request too.

Address : West of Xuanwumen, Beijing, China.



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