China Aviation Museum is the first aero museum that opened to visitors at home and abroad in China's history. It is also the largest of its kind in Asia that collects the greatest treasure of the aviation development of China and the world. 

China Aviation MuseumThe museum was founded in November 1989. Now it has 270 airplanes from different ages and 99 state's cultural relic planes with about ten thousand articles and documents concerning China's aviation development. Nowadays China Aviation Museum is actually a national and military museum of scientific education and sightseeing tourism. It ranks among the top-five the world's aviation museums.

As a cultural window of military aviation, China Aviation Museum records inside out the birth, development and growing up of the new China's air force, as well as displays the history of China's national defense, and its now and future.

Address : at the foot of Datangshan Mountain (大汤山), Changping District, Beijing, China.

Admission : 50 RMB, half price for student and the retired, and free for military personnel and retired cadre.

Transportation : bus No. 820 on 2nd Ring Road until Baishan Town (百善镇). Take No. 845 at Western Coach Station, or No. 345 at Deshengmen Gate Bus Stop to Shahe Beidaqiao (沙河北大桥) to transfer No. 945 to China Aviation Museum stop. You can also take bus route No. 643 that starts at Andingmen goes directly to the museum.



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