Ancient Coins Museum of BeijingThe Ancient Coins Museum of Beijing is a part in the rebuilding of Qing Dynasty's Zhenwu Temple (真武庙) and the other in the Arrow Tower of Deshengmen Gate (德胜门箭楼) of Beijing. The tower was built about 500 years ago. It was one of the nine city walls of defense construction in Qing's Beijing.

The exhibition series of "China's Old Currencies" in the Ancient Coins Museum of Beijing displays the earliest Chinese coins that were made of shells and the ones that were produced by cloth, as well as some coins that look like strange ghost faces, very interesting. Ancient copper coins in old China's imperial dynasties, the currency used during the Qing Dynasty and the banknotes that were circulated in the Nationalist Period before 1949 are being exhibited here in the Coins Museum. 

Ancient Coins Museum of BeijingYou can find different shapes of old China coins, such as knife-shape and square, as well as made of porcelain or paper. All of these are the incarnation of money culture of China.

Moreover, there is an Ancient Coins Exchange Market, you can buy the ones that you will be so interested or sell the coins that you are collected. Coins experts are here to check whether the trueness of the coins.

Address : First Floor of Deshengmen Arrow Tower, East 2nd Ring Middle Road, Beijing, China.

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