National Grand Theatre is located in the heart zone of Beijing, along with the West Changan Avenue, and neighboring to the Great Hall of People and Tiananmen Square. It covers an area of 118,900 square meters, with a total construction area of 217,500 square meters (including a nearly 46,600-squaremeter underground garage).

The Centre of National Grand Theatre is featured by the unique shell shape with 46.68 meters high and 32.50 meters deep in the underground, and the girth is more than 600 meters. Shell surface is skillfully joined with 18,398 titanium plates and more than 1,226 pieces of white glass to create visual effect that stage curtain is slowly being opened. 

The surrounding coverage of shell is up to 35,500 square meters and it is constituted of an artificial lake and a leisure cultural plaza rounded by a large amount of green trees to beautify the outer landscape of the National Grand Theatre. They embody the conception of harmonious co-existence between human and nature, which straightforwardly comes from China's traditional philosophy in the regards of the relationship between human and nature in peace and improvement.

There is a ticket office located in the joint-point of north entrance of the National Grand Theatre and west Tiananmen Square subway station. Going through the sparkling and dreamlike underwater corridor with 80 meters long, and then take the escalator from the olive hall, people get into the Grand Theatre internal public hall. Three professional theaters appear before the eyes: the middle is opera hall, the east concert hall, and the west is drama hall. Three theaters can be relatively independent and mutual connective through air corridor. There are 2079 seats in opera hall mainly for opera and ballet performances, 1859 seats in concert hall mainly for large-scale symphony orchestra and ethnic music and 957 seats in drama hall mainly centering for opera and drama.

In National Grand Theatre, except three professional performance theatres and a small theater for testing, there are also underwater corridor, exhibition hall, olive hall, library-data center, news-release hall, souvenir shop and coffee shop and so. All of these opened mainly for enrich peoples’ cultural life. Some people call it the fifth space for showing the infinite charm of National Grand Theatre.

Well-equipped theaters contain makeup room, piano-practicing room, rehearsal room, conductor rest-room, performer rest-room, dressing room, property room, scene room, honored guest room and so on.

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