CCTV Headquarters China Central Television Headquarters, or CCTV Headquarters is listed in top-10 world architectural wonders which Time Weekly of U.S.A selected in 2007. CCTV Headquarters is located in the east side of central business district in Beijing Downtown. The designer of CCTV Headquarters is Rem Koolhaas from Holland, when this trapezia–style building was finished, it will be the most radical architecture in design in the world. It is equally famous with other two new architectures: Beijing Modern Universal Town and Beijing Olympic Stadium, which are also ranked into the top-ten world architectural wonders in 2007. But due to its large cost (roughly 5 billion RMB), peculiarity and hidden danger in traffic and safety, it is the focus of controversy.

For holding the Beijing Olympic Games successfully, Chinese government hopes to let Beijing from an old and historic city be a modern city. In all the new architectures, CCTV Headquarters at the cost of 800 million US Dollars gives the public the most striking impression. It will be the symbol that CCTV is the only state-level TV Station in China. Meanwhile, it is also the second largest office building in scale next to The Pentagon Building, the headquarters of Department of Defense of U.S.A.

In folk community, many people do not satisfy with this building and its unscientific design. In the movement of naming CCTV Headquarters, many netizens call it “Big Pants Crutch (大裤衩)”as a nickname. It is very popular among the public and even to some extent it becomes the representative of the name of CCTV Headquarters. Latterly, the authorities named it ”Wisdom Window(智窗)” officially, but the public is powerful and creative, it was distorted to be“Hemorrhoids (痔疮)”because in Chinese pronunciation, Wisdom Window is the same as Hemorrhoids. However, it is a new building with a new design and conception, and it indeed brings a lot to the modernization of Beijing. Perhaps it will be a spotlighting attraction like CCTV.



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