“798” Beijing Dashanzi Art District is located in Dashanzi, northeast side of Beijing. The current location of “798” Beijing Dashanzi Art District is the original site of some old state-owned factories of the electronics industry. Since 2002, a group of artists and cultural institutions came here and largely rented and reconstructed the free or deserted workshops. Gradually, these workshops turned to be the galleries, art centers, artist studios, design companies, dining rooms and bars. Diversities of arts and services form the “Loft” lifestyle and “Soho”-style art gathering with the internationalized feature. Recently it has given rise to a considerable degree of concern. “798”has become a cultural concept in the process of the integration among modern art, architectural space, cultural industry, historical relics and urban life environment.

The concise and simple architectural style of“798” workshops is emphasis on function. The huge cast-in-place frameworks and bright skylights and others are rarely seen toady. In the early 1950s, they were built with the help of Soviet Union and East Germany who was responsible for the design and construction of these important plant projects. For decades, it has gone through countless vicissitudes of the wind and rain.

With the reform and opening-up, Beijing municipal cultural orientation, transition of people’s life-way and the arrival of the wave of globalization, “798” plants is also facing the task of re-definition and redevelopment. With the Beijing process of urbanization and urban area expansion, the Dashanzi area, originally belonging to the outskirts, has become a part of the city. The old factories have been largely and outwardly removed. The original site’s relocation is more inevitably suitable for pollution-free, low-energy-expenditure, and Knowledge-based industries. A large number of artists and intellectuals’ entry is a reflection of historical trends. The entering industries include the design, publishing, display, performance, artist’s studios and other cultural industries, and also include household products, fashion, bars, restaurants and other service industries. Today, “798” Dashanzi Art District has draw media and the public's attention from home and abroad, and it also has become another city's cultural landmark of Beijing.



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