Regongguan is a bath center which offers hot springs, performances, foot massage, spa, and hotel-style accommodations, etc. It is a place where you could enjoy high-quality service and off-duty relaxation. The staff is very friendly and the buffet meals could offer you a lot. The hot spring is always an enjoyment in winter. Get bathed in the spring and enjoy a free moment until the soft water washes all the worries and tiredness away. After the bath, you could go to the lounge hall to have a rest. The sofa is soft and each one is equipped with an LCD TV and an earphone. You can recline against the sofa and watch TV with no one disturbing you. You can also go to the performance hall to watch performances or enjoy foot massage, spa, etc. It is a recreational center suitable for family gathering.

Website :
Address : 12, Fangxingyuan No. 2 Residential Quarter, Fangzhuang Residential Area, Fengtai District, Beijing, China.
Tel. : +86(0)10-67655777


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