Melody KTVMelody KTV boasts unique decorative style and elegant and comfortable environment. The soft light, the lovely wallpaper, and the cabin-style doors together produce a romantic air, which is favored by most of the young lovers. It has advanced stereo equipment, and a big collection of new songs. You can easily find a newly issued song there. However, the KTV center does not provide free food and drink. There is a restaurant and a supermarket inside the KTV center. The restaurant offers both Chinese food and western food. The commodities in the supermarket are not expensive. Besides, the KTV center is well equipped with communal facilities such as the remote monitor unit, the fire alarm system, and the central air conditioner.

Address : 24 South Avenue, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing, China
Tel. : +86(0)10-62189088


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