Pekinese Lao She (老舍, 1899 – 1966) is a modern Chinese writer. He had been a principal of an elementary school, high school teacher, and later a university professor. During the China's Anti-Japanese War (1937 – 1945). Lao She hosted the China National Cultural Association of Resisting the Enemy. He contributed much in uniting the cultural workers of China to take part the anti-Japanese invasion propaganda activities. After China's Liberation in 1949, he became the deputy chairman of China Literature Alliance and China Authors' Association, and the chairman of Beijing Literature Alliance. He was awarded "People's Artist" in 1951.

Four Generations Live under One Roof, Camel Xiangzi, Teahouse and Dragon Beard Ditch are famous works by Lao She that everyone has been told in China.

Lao She's former residence – the Small Persimmon Garden is bought by Lao She in 1950 after he returned from a tour in the United States. It is an old Beijing style villa garden in which Lao lived here in the latter stage of his life. His unfinished autobiographical novel, Under the Red Flag and the published works that he had written during his literature life are being displayed in the three rooms in the courtyard. The living room was visited thrice by former Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai, who talked a lot with the great author.

Lao She liked floriculture. When he was tired after long time writing, he loved to look at the flowers in his garden. The persimmon trees were planted by him too. The red fruits are dotted with, the garden is very picturesque. So it got its name.

Address : 19 Fengfu Hutong, West Dengshikou Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing (东城区灯市口西街丰富胡同19号院).


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