Guo Moruo ProfileGuo Moruo was one of the most influential poets, scholars and artists in modern history of China. Used to be the top leader of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences. He out of question was the authoritative figure that took influence on the development and tendency of Chinese social and natural science.

In 1982, Guo Moruo's former residence was listed into the second batch of nationwide important cultural and historical sites list under national protection. Currently, Former Residence of Guo Moruo serving as the Memorial Hall of Guo Moruo is located western riverbank of Front Sea of Beijing Shichahai. It covers more than 7000 square meters. Initially, as the private mansion of He Shen,titled the Top Corrupted Official in Chinese History of Qing Dynasty, This large mansion subsequently was confiscated and deserted since He Shen was arrested. Later on, It became the stable of horse and place for gathering fodder.During Republic of China, it was sold as a herbal medicine shop of Daren Tang by offsprings of Prince Gong of Qing Dynasty. After the establishment of New China, It used to be the embassy of Mongolia in China. Guo Moruo moved to this mansion since November 1963, and led his 15-year life here. On the gate of his residence, there is a tablet with five Chinese characters "郭沫若故居", which was written by Deng Yingchao,wife of ex-premier Zhou Enlai(周恩来) 

the gate of former residence of Guo Moruo Chui Hua Men(垂花门) of fomer residence traditionally functionalized as the division of front mansion(the public room for family gathering and meeting friends) and back mansion(private room). Through the Chui Hua Men, there are main house, auxiliary house and east&west subordinate houses as well as backyard. In this section, visitors can see Guo Moruo's life-long contribition in the field of literature, history, archeology, translation and other realms. It is the location of Mr. Guo's living room, office and sitting room. crossing the small-scale Chinese- Rose Garden(小月季园), it was the place of Mr. Guos to research and practice calligraphy. the westside house is the stack room to reserve Guo Moruo's manuscripts and stored books. The most attractive spots are the gingko and tree peony which are said to be planted by this couple.


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