Lei Feng was born at a poor peasant family in Hunan Province in 1940. At that time the Chinese people were in the evil agony made by Japanese invaders and local feudal landlords. Lei's father, mother and brothers were tortured to death by these evils of human. He became a poor orphan when he was less than seven years old. An old woman, who was also one of his relatives, took charge in raising him. In the family, diligent Lei Feng always collected firewood on the mountain, but it was all forcibly taken by an old, tough female landlord, who didn't allow poor people to climb and collect on the mountain. Since he was nine years old, he had always been longing to be a People's Liberation Army soldier, but he was so small and weak to be so. It was still true when he had grown up. He was just 1.54 meters tall and less than 55 kg in weight. This condition couldn't meet the lowest requirements of a soldier. At the age of nineteen, because his great contributions in telecommunication and steelmaking, as well as his advanced quality in his political thought, he was enrolled as a breaking rule example. He was a leader in fourth squad of transportation company in the engineering army in northeast China. He served the people whole heartily and he had been awarded several times. In November 1960, he became a member of Communist Party of China. One day in August 1962, his colleague drove a car that hit something and led to a large wooden bar, which was for drying out clothes, hit Lei Feng on his head. He died at the age of 22.

Exhibition Hall of Lei Feng Documents was opened to public in March 1982. It mainly displays the words and pictures about the national laborers' model. His diary, photographs and his poems, as well as the words of tribute and condolence by Chinese leaders Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin.

The spirit of Lei Feng has been deeply rooted in Chinese people's hearts for decades. Serving the masses while ignoring his / her own difficulties and hardship is the central thought of Chinese Communists, Exhibition Hall of Lei Feng Documents has the stories of some famous Lei Feng style figures. The life of Lei Feng is truly reproduced here as how he made his effort from a son of a poor peasant family to become a great warrior of Communists.

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