Cao Xueqin (曹雪芹, 1715 – 1764) is an author in the Qing Dynasty's China. His magnum opus is the Dream of the Red Mansion (Hong Lou Meng, 红楼梦), which has always been seen as one of the best ancient novels of China. The profound thoughts and artistic techniques have impressed all readers around the world. The Red Mansion Dream has become an academic subject at home and abroad.

Cao Xueqin Memorial of Beijing was founded in 1984, located at 39 Zhengbaiqi (正白旗), Beijing Botanical Garden, Xiangshan Hill (香山), Beijing ; a small villa in memory of the great Chinese writer. It displayed the things about the birth and background of Cao Xueqin, especially his relation with Zhengbaiqi Village, and his work – The Dream of the Red Mansion. You will see interesting scenes made in according to the descriptions in the stories.

There are five exhibition halls, The Former Residence of Cao Xueqin, the reading room where he wrote the famous novel are must go places. The profound natural beauty of Xiangshan Hill of Beijing has given the novelist's tremendous inspirations, the new discovery concerning Cao's family background and the documents about his former residence are seen. It also has some carved stone tablets that testify the close relation between Cao Xueqin and Xiangshan Hill.

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