Chairman MaoBeijing, today, is worldwide famous for its history and status as a political center of oriental world. Serving as the national capital for several dynasties, Beijing is highlighted or upgraded unprecedentedly by many historians and writers. However, at the beginning time of New China´s foundation, Beijing was not finalized to be the center of China, and Chairman Mao considered a lot among several options like Nanjing, Xian and so on, and Beijing surely was one of them but never highly noticed when capital was selected by exclusive leaders. Owing to a high assistant´s viewpoint, Chairman Mao eventually chose Beijing as the national center. Since the establishment of new China, Beijing experienced a regenerated time that embodied thoroughly by a massive of large scale architecture complexes like Grand Hall of People and most elites who lived in Beijing. Overall, Beijing became the center and the holy center of China, even today, many common people, particularly the people who were born in 40s, 50s and 60s last century all over their lives were on the way to realize their dream of visiting Beijing and Taianmen or Heavenly Peace Gate.

In early period of new China, Beijing as a new capital was mostly resurfaced, which is extensively shown in infrastructure construction and upgrading, In Lao She’s famous novel, Longxugou(Dragon-Beard Channel,龙须沟),it was thoroughly exhibited publicly with its vivid and impressive comparison between two different times: period under the reign of Kuomintang and period of Socialistic China. And it is undoubtedly selected densely by many writers or students who are preoccupied with casting light on the difference of two social systems and spotlighting the advantages of socialism to depress the “cruelty” or “inhumanity” of China before 1949. Amid this period, Beijing indeed went through a large or dramatic change in surface and expression. Beijing since then gradually became holy and solemn. 

During the time from 1966 to 1976, Beijing was extremely respected and admired by millions of young people because they would see the greatest leader Chairman Mao as long as their arrival. At that special time, this was the unsurpassed dream among millions of people, numerical people tried their efforts to go to Beijing via different ways, mostly arrived in Beijing by trains which at the time was commonest way for long-distance journey, so then the train was crowded by Beijing-goers, just as today’s Chun Yun, Spring-Festival Transportation, which is a special phenomenon during Chinese traditional Spring Festival that nearly all the outsiders come back to their hometowns for family galas. The so-called advanced youth historically named Red Guards gathered in Tiananmen Square from all directions of China no matter how far it was to wait for the meeting of Chairman Mao. On the occasion, Chairman Mao’s speech and behavior always moved them to shed tears and naturally toned up to speak aloud: Long Live Chairman Mao, Long Live Communism, Beat down U.S.A Imperialism and Long Live People’s Republic of China. These slogans were quite popular at the time and nearly everybody could recite them. Furthermore, Hong Bao Shu, or Quotation of Chairman Mao(红宝书) was also the top best seller with the largest number of readers and buyers even exceeded Holy Bible in amount, hence it was also called Chinese Holy Bible. It is the craziest book popularized among the craziest people at the craziest time. After all, Beijing at the time was also personalized as an audience to witness each change of China. 

the image of Beijing Olympic Games Since 1978, Beijing with a fascinating destination for all over China is still showing her limitless charm. The College Entrance Examination, which currently considered largely as the greatest and most-influential event that changed the destiny of several generations of China after Cultural Revolution, was held, and a large number of “hopeless or unpurified” young people strived for realizing their dream of entering Beijing for further study and struggle for life and homeland’s reconstruction both in spirit and material after ten-year’s distortion and delay. It rootedly saved China and also changed China’s destiny just as those young people at the time, and its policymaker of Beijing after 10 years turned China to a healthy and lively way. And a sequence of policies was made such as the Reform and Opening Policy, China basically changed a lot from individual to collective. Beijing as the hub of national policymaking leads Chinese people surmounting many difficulties and frustrations on the way to being stronger and richer or getting rid of poverty and weakness. More than 30 years’ change and development, China represented by Beijing has a new look, especially the highlighted Beijing Olympic Games sets Beijing under the spotlights of worldwide attention. Since then Beijing is never a domestic center anymore. It becomes an important center of oriental world. More and more visitors come to China and begin their itineraries from Beijing.

Beijing in the field of travel takes possession of many world-famous attractions, and some of them belong to the world heritage sites, and this should be owed to history and the complicated stories happened in Beijing.

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