Suzhou Street in Haidian District of Beijing is quite near to the famous Information and Technology Zone of Zhongguancun Village, where provides good reasons for the food street's busyness with great business potentials. The low profile doesn't make it lesser known, it has been welcomed by talents who are working in Zhongguancun and food lovers from outside districts, who will call cabs here for meals. The restaurants there cater different tastes and classes of local citizens. The best restaurants are not designed as conventional ones but Beijing courtyard style residences or grand mansions with garden views inside.

Two excellent restaurants are recommended here. 

JingchenxuanJingchenxuan (景晨轩) Restaurant has balconies for 20 to 30 diners to have meal simultaneously. It looks like an ancient Chinese noble family and courtyard. Enter the restaurant, it needs to climb a wooden ladder to the second floor, where the giant balconies are located. The tables and chairs are wooden too. These dining boxes are all in traditional Chinese style, but they have television sets with karaoke facilities.

Jingchenxuan is a Sichuan Restaurant. Sichuan style chicken, sausages, and duck pot with more than twenty kinds of Chinese herb can give you great cuisine experience.

Address : 300 meters to the north of Haidian District Eight-one Middle School, Beijing, China. 

Meilu VillageMeilu Village (美炉村) is at the site of Qing Dynasty royal garden. Long and winding corridor will lead you to the scenery of a tiny stone bridge crossing the flowing crystal-clear stream. After that you will see the ancient decorated dining boxes. An old Chinese bed is placed in one of the balconies, it looks quite common, but the wooden frame is carved many beautiful Chinese characters. Precious historical documents from late Qing Dynasty and early Nationalist periods are hung on the wall. Dine the great Chinese food in a historical Chinese atmosphere will be an overwhelming experience.

Cuisine from Jiangxi Province of eastern China is something akin to Hunan style, spicy and distinctive. Fresh water fish, chicken and pumpkin are the dishes welcomed there. Desserts like Nanchang White Bean Cake can be prepared by customers' request.

Address : Lejiahua (乐家花), 11 Suzhou Street, Haidian District, Beijing, China.

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