Sanlitun Bar StreetsThis famous bar street is in eastern Chaoyang District of Beijing. Its name came from the fact that it was three li (a Chinese measurement unit that equals to 500 meters) to the city center in the past. The northern embassy area was built near the street in 1960s and later it became the apartment zone for foreign consulates and diplomats. This area has 10 straight and 12 sidelong streets.

Today Sanlitun is one of the most popular places of night life in Beijing. Foreign consulate apartments, Yansha Friendly Shopping Mall, Foreign Exchange and Duty Free Shop, and China International Shop, as well as many great restaurants, guesthouses and hotels nearby, so the street is welcomed by Westerners who are living in Beijing and Chinese celebrities ; local well to do people like to social here at night too.

At night, Sanlitun is full of neon lights and crowded with people. It is very typical of a hullabaloo of a big city, like Lan Kwai Fong in Hong Kong. It also gives the impression that it is a strange flower looked dazzled in fog.


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