Qianmen Gate Avenue gathers many of the time-honored brand stores of old Beijing. Like the ancient and weathered Zhengyangmen Gate (正阳门), the old stores on Qianmen Gate Avenue have seen the ups and downs of time in Beijing City. The stained ancient Chinese style signboards in front of the shops testify their long history. Although the business can't match the busyness of other famous food streets in Beijing, Qianmen Gate still represents the eating culture of the ancient city. It is also loved much by tourists at home and abroad. Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant, Duoyichu (都一处) Shao-mai Dumpling Restaurant and Laozhengxing (老正兴) Restaurant are hundred-year old stores there.

Transportation : bus route no. 48, 54, 120, or 820 to Qianmen Bus Stop.

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